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MedWOW Medical Equipment

MedWOW.com provides a global marketplace for key-players in the medical equipment market.
MedWOW is a sophisticated yet user-friendly website that provides a global marketplace for key-players in the pre-owned medical equipment market. The unique features and services found on MedWOW help connect buyers, sellers, and service providers of used medical equipment from all over the world, by specifically catering to the needs of every user.

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Country: Cyprus
City: Nicosia
Address: 100 Arch. Makarios III P.C. 2460 Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone: + 357 (22) 022508
Fax: + 357 (22) 022509
URL address: http://www.medwow.com/
Contact person: MedWOW
Position: Customer Service

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